Why HalalCBD?

HalalCBD was founded on the premise that Cannabidiol is nature’s secret ingredient. With the highest quality and standard ensured, we’re introducing the world to the first superior Halal Certified CBD brand. All natural ingredients, local grown hemp & 100% made in the USA.

Welcome to HalalCBD and remember…Keep it halal.

What does Halal Mean?

Halal is a term that is used to describe items that are permissible for Muslims to consume or use.

The term is most commonly used in relation to food, but it can also apply to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

In order to be classified as halal, a product must meet certain criteria and go through a rigirous process.

By adhering to these standards, Muslims and non Muslims can be confident that they are consuming products that are permissible and have been certified.