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At HalalCBD, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Their trust in us allows us to continue our mission to establish a new halal plant based standard. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we are grateful for their feedback.

Below, you can explore some of our customers' experiences and see what it is like to be part of the HalalCBD Family. We look forward to you joining us on this journey to improve the halal plant based industry.

Thank you for your support!

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    Profession: Student

    Reason to Try : Sleep

    Experience & Recommendation: The gummies! Easy to use for beginners


    Profession: Engineer/Student

    Reason to Try: It is Halal and I wanted to try because of it's benefits.

    Experience & Recommendation: Don't wait try it! Matter in fact, I am telling everyone that I know to try it it is halal and it does help!


    Profession: Teacher

    Reason to Try: The fact that it is halal certified.

    Experience & Recommendation: I love the strawberry gummies, taking one at the beginning of the day helps me to get through my to-do list with ease.


    Profession: HVAC Tech

    Reason to Try: To help me sleep and anxiety

    Experience & Recommendation: The gummies, def worth to try it.


    Profession: Product Developer Assistant

    Reason to Try: The fact that I wanted to try CBD but the other ones werent Halal

    Experience & Recommendation: The drops are my favorite, they work quickly and I can see a noticeable difference quickly. Give it a try because it will help in the important parts in our livesTo give it a try because it will help in the important parts in our lives


    Profession: Nurse/Mom/Wife

    Reason to Try: Sleep. Promoting deep sleep without the hangover in the AM. Relaxing properties for day use. I feel more calm in stressful, or overly stimulating situations.

    Experience & Recommendation: Tincture, preference over gummies. Natural flavor is the only one that I’ve tried, and doesn’t taste bad. CBD lotion for shoulder and feet pain, appears to help with aches. The scent, and non greasy feel, is the big factor of why I love this lotion. The scent is so fresh, and clean. Please don’t change this scent. It’s 🔥

  • ALEN

    Profession: Deputy Merchandising Manager

    Reason to Try: I searched a long time for halal cbd. After work and sometimes before bed. Just to increase stress release.

    Experience & Recommendation: Gummies, it‘s like healthy candy. When you crave before bedtime some sweet. You take one halal cbd gummu and improve your sleep at the same time. Try it! You won't regret it!


    Profession: Deputy Merchandising Manager

    Reason to Try: It being a halal brand

    Experience & Recommendation: The cbd gummies to get cbd in an enjoyable way and the lotion to apply to sore muscles. Give it a try and see the results for yourself, worst case scenario it doesn’t do anything to, you best case scenario it helps a lot with relieving stress and promoting recovery. But so far it helped everyone I know that tried it.


    Profession: Business Owner

    Reason to Try: It's Halal. Back pain, GI issues. We are no longer in so much pain!

    Experience & Recommendation: I love all 3, but the potency of the lotion is not a game! If you are looking for a halal way to get relief from whatever ails you, HalalCBD is it. Most of my family has found relief from this and I cannot be more grateful!

  • MARI

    Profession: Finance

    Reason to Try: Sleep aid and muscle soreness

    Experience & Recommendation: Gummies for sleep aid, relaxation and lotion for muscle soreness. HalalCBD is extremely effective and helps with restless sleep, anxiety and alleviates muscle pain/tension. I highly recommend😊😊. Thank you!!!

  • WAEL

    Profession: Student

    Reason to Try: Sounds cool

    Experience & Recommendation: Strawberry and mango they taste very good. Try it!


    Profession: Phlebotomist / EMT

    Reason to Try: It's Halal. Anxiety, Depression, Restlessness.

    Experience & Recommendation: The gummies and the tincture. Try it. It’s amazing and halal. It is good for travel.

  • Gousuddin

    Profession: Retiree

    Reason to Try: I was looking something for my COPD

    Experience & Recommendation: I was using three types of inhalers and periodically steroids (prednisone). when I see a halal cbd gummies I said to myself let us try it. within a week lot of difference and I am not using inhalers only basic inhaler for a day or two. If you have copd, try halal cbd gummies. I am sure you feel the difference within a week.

  • Joanne

    Profession: N/A

    Reason to Try: leg and hand cramps

    Experience & Recommendation: Halal CBD Bites and the Halal CBD lotion, It has helped me to be pain free. That is priceless when I have suffered for so many years!Highly recommended! I tell them my testimony of how it has helped me get a full nights sleep and can drive without getting the hand cramps. For me it has simply been a miracle.

  • Omar

    Profession: Retiree

    Reason to Try: Friend recommendation

    Experience & Recommendation: Helped reduced daily stress. Gummies really help. Give it a try it helped me!

  • Candace

    Profession: Blogger/Life Coach

    Reason to Try: I felt confident trying them since they are certified halal!

    Experience & Recommendation: My favorite so far is the oil because it's easy to consume. It has a lightweight feel and an amazing taste! I also love the consistency of the gummies. I like the topical cream because it smells refreshing and feels soothing when applied to target areas.To commit to using them as a long-term supplement because there are so many great benefits! I love these products because they are high quality and are certified halal.