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Halal CBD

Halal CBD was founded on the premise that Cannabidiol is nature’s secret ingredient. With the highest quality and standard ensured, we’re introducing the world to the first superior Halal Certified CBD brand. All natural ingredients, local grown hemp & 100% made in the USA. Welcome to HalalCBD and remember…Keep it halal.


HalalCBD was founded with a clear purpose: to establish a new plant-based standard for individuals that adhere to a Halal dietary lifestyle.

The dedication to product uniqueness and quality originates from CEO and Founder Fareed Syed’s own personal experience with CBD. As a Muslim and entrepreneur he has always searched for ways to make a difference to the lives around him.

His discovery and experiencing the benefits of CBD led to his intrigue, which empowered him on a journey looking for answers – Can hemp be halal? What does it mean for wellness products? What about natural alternatives to traditional medicine? He learned how important the purity of ingredients and manufacturing can be, especially when considering what can be halal certified.

In part of HalalCBD’s mission, Fareed’s goal is to raise awareness within the muslim community on the benefits and usage of hemp products. Due to lack of knowledge and leadership, the stigma of mental health and the benefits of hemp has been ignored. “It’s time we start addressing issues in our communities and cultures that are often overlooked”.

His view is that it is the responsibility of the younger generation to educate elders on the importance and possibilities of natural healing, while following Halal and Islamic standards.

Why Halal Certified?

The term Halal means permissible and it is primarily used by but not limited to Muslims. It’s a clean way of living your life and what you digest and consume. We’re the #1 Halal Certified CBD company in the US and we’ve gone through a thorough process with the help of AHF (American Halal Foundation) in order to obtain certification.

The Halal Certification Process



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Our goal is and always will be to bring the highest quality Halal Certified CBD products that our customers can trust and feel comfortable consuming. Transparency and integrity are what drive us to be the leaders in the CBD & Halal Industry.