How Much CBD Should You Take?

How Much CBD Should You Take?

When starting out on the path to taking CBD as part of a daily routine, we tend to put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect delivery method and formula to agree with our exact needs.  This is important, but one factor that tends to be more overlooked is the dosing

Some people take too little CBD and end up not getting the results that they desire, or take way more than they need each day, which results in going through product more quickly and spending a lot of money in the process.

The reality is that generally speaking, dosing is an amazingly simple formula as far as CBD is concerned.  For one thing, CBD is nontoxic to the body, which means that we do not need to be too cautious when it comes to higher doses.  Furthermore, it is a gentle compound on the body, and so we can be a bit liberal as we familiarize ourselves with how hemp affects us personally.

Since we all need a starting point with a routine, we’re going to break it down into a simple dosing guide that will give you an idea of how much CBD to take on a daily basis to maintain the ideal regimen for maximum effectiveness.


Dosing is crucial once again when it comes to CBD because all of us have a goal in mind when starting out with taking CBD.  

  • Maybe we are looking for something that will help us unwind after a difficult day? 
  • Do we need something to help us focus better, especially in the early hours of the day?  
  • Perhaps we are dealing with tense muscles and joins and want something that will soothe us after being on our feet for hours on end?

Regardless, the amount of hemp you take has almost everything to do with whether or not these goals can be met.  A lot of people who believe CBD doesn’t work feel this way because they simply were not taking the right amount.  It does not help that a good majority of CBD on the market has such a low concentration of hemp that it simply cannot achieve the goals users have in mind.

How much CBD should you take?


Before we get into the specifics of dosing per delivery method, let’s quickly touch on the difference between dosage and milligram strength.  

  • Dosage refers to the amount of product you take, such as one dropper of oil or one piece of a gummy.  
  • Milligram Strength refers to the number of milligrams of hemp extract in the formula.  

Most CBD products, such as vape oils, tinctures, and edibles, all have a milligram strength number clearly printed on the label.  This tells you how many milligrams of hemp are in the product compared to the other ingredients, and thus tells you how potent each dose will be.

Naturally, you can understand that the same dosage amount can give you different levels of success depending on the milligram strength of the product.  

Example: Taking a 5mg gummy is quite different from taking the same size of gummy that has a 25mg strength. 


This dosing guide is for general use.  Ultimately, each person has a unique relationship with hemp, meaning that they may require a higher dose than someone else for various reasons.  Your body weight plays a role in how much CBD you should take, for example, with those with a higher weight likely needing a higher dose.  Similarly, we all process cannabinoids like CBD differently.


Finally, keep in mind that every CBD product should have clear dosing instructions on the label.  It’s best to follow these instructions, as the manufacturer has the best idea of how much of their product you should take per dose.


Now, we can go over the dosing guidelines for the most popular delivery methods on the market.  If you are a beginner, stick with these guidelines unless instructed otherwise by the manufacturer or your doctor.

Taking CBD


CBD tinctures are bottles containing a CBD oil for sublingual administration.  They’re also very easy to dose out.  Most come in 30ml dropper bottles, and the dropper can hold a full milliliter of liquid, with a milliliter being considered a standard dose.  So, simply fill the dropper with oil, and you’re good to go.

In terms of milligrams, a 1000mg bottle is considered moderate.  However, tinctures come in a wide variety of milligram strengths.  To come up with the number of milligrams per dose, divide the milligram strength number by the number of milliliters in the bottle.


Edibles are extremely easy to dose because each piece contains the same amount of hemp extract.  Typically, a standard edible dose per day is 10 to 25 milligrams.  Most edible serving sizes contain this exact amount.  For instance, many CBD gummies contain 10 to 25 milligrams per piece.  Therefore, simply take one or two pieces per day to reach this amount, according to the instructions on the package.


Topicals allow you to be a bit looser with dosing.  There is no suggested number of milligrams to apply to the body, mainly because topicals do not cross the blood brain barrier or influence the nervous system, as the effects stay localized to the joints and muscles.  Therefore, when using topical solutions, simply apply enough product to the skin to cover the affected area.


CBD flower is just the raw hemp plant buds and does not have a milligram strength because it’s 100% pure hemp.  Generally, 1 to 4 puffs count as a standard dose, and you may go higher over time if you feel that 4 puffs are still not enough for your goals.


Vaping products, including bottled vape oils, pre-filled vape cartridges, and disposables, follow the same dosing amount as above.  Basically, 1 to 4 puffs are considered standard, with 1 puff being ideal for beginners, and 4 puffs for more experienced users.  Again, more than 4 puffs are fine if you’re used to the effects of CBD and feel it will be more useful to you.

In terms of milligrams, there is a formula you can use that will tell you how many milligrams are in each puff of vapor.  This can be helpful if you have a specific number of milligrams you wish to take each day.  

  1. Divide the number of milligrams in the product by the number of milliliters.  Most vape oils come in 30ml bottles, and most carts contain a single milliliter.  
  2. Then, divide that number by 100, because each milliliter contains approximately 100 puffs.  


Capsules, like edibles, contain an even amount of cannabidiol per piece, with the standard dose being 10 to 25mg.  Therefore, take one or two gel caps depending on how many milligrams you wish to take daily.


As you can see, dosing CBD is actually a quite simple process if you follow the suggested guidelines.  Now, if you need further dosing guidance, you can talk to your doctor who may be able to give you more personalized information based on your specific needs.  Just make sure to be consistent with your dosage for the best results, and adjust your dosage gradually as needed.

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