Can CBD Help You During Ramadan?

Can CBD Help You During Ramadan?

Ramadan is here again, and many of us are getting busy preparing for the annual change in routine during this holy month of fasting and prayer.  Most of us have been fasting during Ramadan for our entire lives, but that doesn’t mean that we all find it easy year after year.

If you find yourself struggling with fasting, it might be worth it to see what cannabidiol (CBD) can do for you these next few weeks.  HalalCBD Oil Drops can generally make your entire experience easier, thanks to the wonderful properties found within the hemp plant.

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Method #1: Using CBD at the Start of Your Fast

If you ask most people who practice fasting during Ramadan, they’ll tell you that the hardest thing to give up during this month is their morning coffee or tea.  Throughout the year, we come to rely on that kick of caffeine to jumpstart our day, and without it, it can be difficult to function, let alone do our jobs.

CBD may act as something of a suitable replacement.  A dropper of CBD oil or CBD gummies in the morning can potentially give you a natural boost that allows you to focus and stay motivated without the use of stimulants, thanks to its unique wake-promoting properties.

Method #2: Using CBD When Breaking Your Fast

One thing that some people struggle with during Ramadan is discomfort in the digestive tract due to changes in their eating routines.  It’s not uncommon for people to experience indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux symptoms once they do break their fast after sundown, and unfortunately, this can make them dread eating at all.

But, again, a dropper of cannabidiol might be able to help.  We know that cannabidiol can play a role in easing discomfort of the esophagus and other issues pertaining to the digestive process, so taking a dropper of oil about 30 minutes post breaking fast may do wonders.

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Method #3: Using CBD Lotion for Your Nightly Prayers

All of us know that there’s something that feels extra special about our nightly prayers during Ramadan.  So, it’s important that we do everything we can to get ourselves focused, relaxed and at ease so that we can go about our prayers without any distraction.

But, it’s hard to stay focused when we’re dealing with aches and pains that cry out for our attention.  And, that’s where CBD lotion can really come in handy.

CBD lotion, like what we carry at HalalCBD, is an excellent way to subdue feelings of physical discomfort, thanks to its potent, localized effects that can ease up tension in the joints and muscles within just minutes.  CBD effectively delivers its anti-inflammatory properties through the skin to reach the deep tissue in a targeted manner.

Applying some CBD lotion about 15 minutes prior to your nightly prayers can do wonders in helping you get into the right headspace to get more out of this sacred time than ever before.

Method #4: Mixing CBD into Your Favorite Foods and Drinks

Our CBD oil is an incredibly versatile product that’s most often used as a tincture, but it can be used in more ways than one.  A lot of our customers like to mix a dropper of oil into their favorite foods and drinks each night, to absorb the properties of the hemp plant through ingestion.

This allows the effects of the plant to last for up to 8 hours, which can really come in handy if you are looking for a way to get more out of the hemp plant each day or night.  During Ramadan especially, a lot of us can benefit from experiencing longer-lasting effects of CBD and other hemp derivatives, since the changes in our daily routine can make us feel out of balance as we adjust.

Fun Tip: Add 1 Dropper of your favorite HalalCBD Oil to your oatmeal, milk (coffee & Tea), or even the famous fruit salad!

Method #5: Taking CBD at Night

If you find that your sleep seems off during Ramadan, you’re not alone.  Changing up our routine so drastically can certainly have an impact on our circadian rhythms, and the adjustments to our meal times alone can confuse our systems.  But, CBD is here to help.

A nightly serving of CBD, taken shortly before bedtime, may be able to put us at ease both mentally and physically, while supporting our natural sleep cycles.  If you find yourself struggling to get in your usual 8 hours during Ramadan, try incorporating some Halal CBD gummies or tinctures into your bedtime routine.

CBD: A Great Way to Support Your Fasting During Ramadan

CBD is a gift from mother nature, which offers a wide variety of gentle yet incredibly helpful effects and properties that can help us throughout life.  But, these properties can be particularly helpful during Ramadan, when we make dramatic changes to our daily and nightly routines.

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